Thursday, February 9, 2012

Update: Painted Shoes

Took the painted shoes out for the first spin this morning. Walking up the sidewalk, she tripped and scuffed the toe. So, painting the rubber toe didn't hold up so well but the rest of the shoe will be fine!

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  1. Hi! Love the look of these shoes! I have been painting shoes for six years now and FINALLY came up with the solution to those rubber toes! They won't hold paint of any kind, but they can be colored by applying alcohol-based ink (most stamp pad inks are alcohol based.

    I use Staz-On, and in order to get a good amount on the toe and sole, I apply it from a little re-inker/refill bottle.

    Also, if you use fabric paint (like Neopaque or Lumiere from Jacquard), you won't get stiff fabric. There's lots of free info on my site,, about how to paint fabric, leather and manmade leather shoes. Enjoy!