Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Baby Batman!

What to do when a long-time friend is expecting her first baby? Make her lots of fun gifts, of course! Oh, and did I mention her last name is Batman? Let the fun begin!
***please note that I am can not SELL licensed goods such as Batman. However, I have made several generic superhero items that are met with equal delight!***

First up, the superhero set--onesie with attached cape, burp cloth, and wet bag for stashing cloth diapers when on the go. (Wet bags also do double duty as a place to put wet or dirty clothes, wet swimwear, etc)

Also, soft, thin, breathable swaddle blankets have been a popular baby item. I know lots of moms love them, and as I prepare for my own summer baby, these are on my list. However, I love vibrant colors for babies, and purchased swaddle blankets mainly come in pastels. What to do? Dye your own! I will be making more of these soon!