Friday, February 10, 2012

My sweethearts

I love holidays. It doesn't really matter what holiday or if it is a highly commercialized one. Mainly I just like an excuse to make fun shirts for my kids and have them wear them day after day for the weeks leading up to the big day!

I was going to wait and share them on Valentine's Day, but thought someone may be looking for some last minute inspiration. G's features a tie applique with a small heart cut out near the bottom.

Z's was a shirt with a logo on front and back that needed covering, so appliqued red hearts on both sides, then covered the front heart with white tulle puffs. Made a matching hair bow that she repeatedly removed throughout the day, and a denim skirt that may not see the light of day again! I was trying to use denim from old jeans, which is IMPOSSIBLE to gather on a tiny skirt, so ended up pleating it and it looks very old-fashioned. Back to the drawing board, good thing I was using scraps!

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