Thursday, October 7, 2010

Trick or treat!

Fall is my favorite time of year...the cooler weather, the jeans and sweaters, the excuse to heat up the oven and bake (especially pumpkin chocolate chip muffins...mmmmm!)

But most of all, I LOVE halloween! Halloween was a lot of fun growing up. We decorated the house, made apricot jello popcorn balls (delicious!) and NEVER bought a costume. We had a costume box from which we mixed and matched and occasionally made a new piece to add to the stash.

My favorite childhood costume: a present. Yes, a big gift-wrapped box that had to be removed every time we got in the car (which was after every trick-or-treat stop since we lived out in the boonies) with a huge beautiful pink and white polka dot bow on my head!

Anyway, back to 2010. I still love Halloween, and all things associated. So to honor this fun time of year, a few pics:

This one has nothing to do with sewing, but I was having fun preparing for a little social I recently had at my house. Hummus in the pumpkin and veggies for dipping...take note of the candy corn resemblance :)

I had a customer request a head piece of some type--hat, headband, or hood--for her daughter's cow costume for Halloween. I put this one together and decided that maybe Z should be a cow, too!

And this is my very favorite addition...GLOW IN THE DARK embroidery thread! Who knew??? So cool!

Check back soon for pics of my little pumpkins!