Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Hardware on purses

Can you tell I love black and white prints? I am sure this isn't the end of it! I just wanted to showcase some of the hardware options available on purses. There are round rings, square, silver, gold, antique silver, antique gold...only your desires limit what is possible!

Laptop bag

This custom laptop bag is made similarly to the messenger-style diaper bags, only with more structure and padding to accomodate a computer. There is also a hook and loop closure instead of a magnetic snap. Laptop bags are custom-made only to ensure a perfect fit for the size of your computer. There are plenty of pockets for all of your laptop peripherals, as well as keys, wallet, cell phone, etc. As always, your choice of fabric! Laptop bags starting at $100.

Baby bedding!

Above is a crib set I made for some good friends and their little girl "K". The bumper pads are brown with pink polka dots on the outside, and pink with brown polka dots on the inside where the baby sees it. The skirt and matching floor to ceiling window drapery are a beautiful brown on pink traditional print. They did a great job picking out fabric that looks amazing in their dark chocolate brown nursery! Thanks, "L" family for letting me make your bedding set!

Come back soon to see a black and white crib set that I recently finished...I am waiting for the nursery that I made it for to be completed. The pictures are always SO much better when the crib set is in the room it was made for!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Another diaper bag

Just another take on the diaper bag--see, any fabric goes!

Diaper clutch and handbags

More ecouture products: the diaper clutch, which also can be used as a small handbag for running to the store or a night out (without the kids!) Large enough for a wipes case and a couple of diapers and some necessities; small enough for a cell phone, wallet, lip gloss and keys.

And for those of you who say you love the products, but don't have kids, I also offer an ecouture purse--this style is the Victoria, again, fabric choice is yours!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Plastic shopping bags

If you would like to help with my ecouture line, I would greatly appreciate any plastic shopping bags you can spare! I specifically prefer the ones with the bullseye on them, as they melt the best. If you can round up a few from your shopping trips or your recycling bin, I will work out a discount for you based on the number of bags you provide.

Thanks for helping MandiMoo by keeping plastic out of our landfills!

Moomy wraps

MandiMoo got started with the original moomy wrap, such as this one I made for a baby gift for a customer in Texas (thanks, Julie! Leslie, I hope you enjoy it.)

What is a moomy wrap?

A traditional baby wrap (six yards of fabric that you tie around you in different configurations to carry a baby) with the exclusive moomy wrap pocket, which you can see on the right. This exclusive pocket allows you to contain those six yards of fabric (the last thing you need while carrying baby, diaper bag, keys, and groceries is to trip on six yards of fabric!) when you aren't using the wrap.

And when you are using the wrap? Use it to carry your keys, phone, and wallet for a quick jaunt into the store or at the park.

Moomy wraps are made of cotton knit, usually in black or brown (though I can accomodate most other color requests). I also have available organic, cotton/bamboo blends, and recycled fabric. The pocket can be made in a variety of colors and styles--I have done contemporary, classic, even retro cowboy!


Ecouture--my version of upcycled/recycled fashionable accessories!

I use plastic shopping bags, that would otherwise end up in a landfill, melt them together, and use it as "fabric". At a minimum, each product in my ecouture line saves 3 bags from a landfill. Diaper bags save as many as 25 bags each!

In addition, ecouture products are easily wipeable, completely washable (DO NOT IRON!), and mostly waterproof--perfect for a mom on the go.

This is a diaper bag I recently made for some dear friends for their baby shower. Made of outdoor fabric, it is stain resistant.
It came with a matching diaper clutch (in front) and coordinating changing pad, all from the ecouture line. As you can see, the diaper bag has plenty of pockets on the inside and on the front, under the messenger-bag style flap. This one also features optional bottle loops on the side.

There is a rear pocket made especially for the changing pad, or if you don't use it for a diaper bag, it works well for a planner, notebook, keys, or anything else you need to have easily accessible.

Welcome to MandiMoo Designs!

Thank you for visiting MandiMoo Designs. I hope you like what you see! I plan to keep my comments to a minimum and my pictures to a maximum.

This blog is an opportunity to showcase the products that I design and make in my pet-free, smoke-free, usually toy-strewn, absolutely inspiring home studio.

I welcome your comments, and your orders! If you find a product that you like, please call or email me. or 785-565-1392. If you like a product, but would like to tweak the fabric/colors, let me know. Most of my work is custom, and I like to make items that express the buyer/recipients personality.

For the time being, I only accept orders via phone or email. In the future I hope to have a website with a shopping cart, and potentially host some purse parties (Susan, you are first on my list!) Until then, look, shop, call/email, and enjoy!

Now for some pictures!