Thursday, August 8, 2013

Princess dress!

I had another request for a princess dress...this one for the princess who swims under the sea. When it comes to dress up clothes, I like mine to meet a few requirements:
A) easy to put on by child
B) washable...for those days that one MUST go grocery shopping dressed as a princess!
C) be able to fit for a long time...who wants to/can afford to buy a new princess dress each year...for each princess?

So for this dress, I kept it basic. I actually found a knit clearance dress at my local big box store.  I love the elasticized fabric at the top, as it stretches to make for easy on/off, as well as grows with the child. So I cut up the knit dress to meet my needs, added an inner skirt to make it have the right look, and made a poofy slip that can be worn under any and all princess dresses, because all princesses need a little poof!