Friday, August 26, 2011

He's a GEM

He is a gem, but he is also a GEM...those are my father-in-law's initials. Check out a few projects I have done for this man this summer.
He was scheduled to have shoulder replacement surgery this past Monday...good news is they didn't have to do the replacement when they got in there, just a more minor procedure.
Leading up to the surgery, he needed a few things for the hospital and his new recliner, which will be where he has to sleep for several weeks.
First, a new robe

Then, a throw to use in his new chair...a surprise from the grandkids (and kids and in-laws)!

Each of us made a personalized square, then I matched some fabric that kind of goes with the personality, profession, latest obsession, or nickname of the person. Put it together in a quilt, and SHABAM! You have a beautiful, personal, memorable gift. So glad you are all fixed up, GEM!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Game day is coming...

...get your 2Chick Couture game day dress to wear while cheering on your favorite team (well, really only the K-State Wildcats...we aren't licensed anywhere else for now!)
The comfort of a t-shirt, but way more stylish!

Each one is unique, and they are in limited availability...we can only sew so fast! Get yours today for the game day opener September 3!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What's New Wednesday!

Things that are new around MandiMoo (other than the craft room and dress form!)
1) 2Chick Couture game day dresses are now featured at The Boutique, in Manhattan (next to Borck Brothers out by Target!)
2) MandiMoo, 2 Chick Couture, and Laurel Hill designs will have a booth at Purple Power Play on Poyntz Sept 1 and 2! Come see us at the intersection of 5th and Poyntz!
3) Bags...lots of bags. A very dear friend of mine hosted a purse party for me during our recent trip to Branson, MO. For the occasion, I made several new bags, and made more new designs to fulfill some custom requests I received at the party. Thanks, Meg, for the wonderful party...and for some long overdue catching up!
The Belted Galloway



Chic Shopper

Sport Messenger


Illawarra iPad bag

Everything but the kitchen sink

Going to Grandma's overnighter

Whew! Forgot how much sewing I have been doing with all of the reorganizing going on. Feels good to be productive!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Speaking of improvements...

I have a dress form that someone gave me that was, ummmm, less than attractive. But it was free, and it served its purpose as long as I covered it in a sheet or put clothing on it.

As you can see, it was stained and didn't provide a very smooth surface when fitting clothes.

So, I decided to cover it! Let's just say I am glad I am not a tailor designing clothes with only a dress form and no pattern! First I put in a zipper to make it easier to get on, then pinned the two rectangles around the form, complete with darts and princess seams for a better fit...

And the finished product is much more eye-appealing!

Would love to put some patterned fabric over this, something like pictured below (I would probably do a black and white damask), but we shall see what I have time for...

Monday, August 22, 2011

Busy, busy, busy


is what a craft-room-and-office-used-for-small-biz space should look like!


is why I haven't been blogging lately.


makes me happy every time I look over.

Yes, this is my "new" craft room. Organized. Clean. Everything has a spot. I can function here. I am energized here. I am inspired here. Most importantly, I am productive here!
Things to note:
The corner wall cabinet placed in the corner of my work surface. A place to stash all of those things that previously were all over the counter, behind the sewing machine in the way, etc.
The new, custom-designed closet. With room to grow and a work space! I can take photos of inventory here, fill out order forms, FIND THINGS! Who knew! Previously, my storage was a mish-mash of what we had on hand and what I could make work. Now it is exactly as I want it, with each basket holding a different type of craft or project. Still have some things I want to do to label the exterior of the crates, but that will be a winter project.
The fabric cabinet...a gun cabinet made for my grandfather, used as fabric storage by my grandmother (whose stash outgrew it, so I may need to upgrade someday!), then the base was used as our TV stand, and right before I was going to post it on craiglist...Ah-ha!!! The light bulb went on, and now I can be inspired by looking over to see what fabrics I have available without digging through a pile! I am stretching myself by having to fold and put away each piece when I use it, but the organization is well worth it!

More to come, but wanted you to know why I have been MIA for many weeks.

May your week be as fresh and inspiring!