Monday, September 13, 2010

My new addiction...

What do you do with an ugly yellow couch? How exactly do you find fabric to match said couch? What's that you say? You can't? Well, then let me make some for you! This set was made for my brother who recently moved...

Ugly (yet very nice!) couch was the inspiration for the color scheme, along with the gorgeous gray "woodsmoke" walls. Made a pillow cover to tie in with the curtains...

The curtains were the real reason that I got started...for some reason someone thought they needed some privacy (and a little light blocking for sleeping in on weekends)

And since I was on a roll, I just HAD to spruce up the lamp. I mean, the lamp shade DID break during the move and all...

An old lamp, some embroidered fabric and an adhesive lamp shade courtesy of the local JoAnn's, and you've got yourself a one-of-a-kind accessory!

Have I mentioned that I heart this embroidery thing???

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Long time!

WOW! Can you say hiatus? A lot has been going on...we welcomed baby girl in April, and since then time has sped by!

Since I am guessing my readers care more about my sewing projects than my life, I will skip any other details...let's just say I have been spending more time sewing than blogging--obviously!

First things first I now have access to an embroidery machine. Can you say WAHOO? "Hi, My name is MandiMoo, and I am addicted to emroidering." As hubby would say, I can't really take credit for the embroidery, as I just push a few buttons and watch the machine do the work, but man oh man is it FUN! Even my kids enjoy watching it do its thing! So let the orders begin! Can do designs (though nothing licensed), monograms, etc. A fun way to really personalize a gift.

Other projects:
Six years ago, I thought it would be a great idea to make a cross quilt for my niece and god-daughter. Two years ago, I finally finished that quilt for her! Since then, I have been blessed with two more nieces and a nephew, all of whom I am a godmother. Since I was averaging four years per quilt, that would have made it 2022 before I could get them all done, and that is (hopefully, wrongly) assuming that there would be no other nieces and nephews. So I had to abbreviate the cross quilt to be a cross wallhanging, finished in time for the baptisms. This is my latest cross wallhanging. Congrats, L on your big day on Sunday! Wish we could be there!

Another t-shirt quilt! This one for a good friend who wanted both high school and college shirts showcased. Fortunate for her she was a wildcat at both schools! Wish I could have taken a video of her reaction upon seeing it for the first time. I love when customers love what I have done with their memories! Thanks, K for letting me do this for you.

I had someone request a custom bag. Her dilemma: Diaper bag needed to stay with baby at daycare, and she needed a purse to take to work. However, when they were together, she carried him in a sling, then had both a purse and a diaper bag over her shoulder. Our solution??? A diaper bag and purse combo! Purse clips on to bag when you need both, and quickly removes when you are flying solo! Why hadn't I thought of this before? Note to self: make one of these for me...when I have time!

Well, before I lose ALL of my readers, I will wrap it up for now. Welcome back, and I promise this time it won't be 5 months before I post again!