Thursday, April 28, 2011

Birthday month!

Be prepared for pictures...lots and lots of pictures...

April is Birthday Month for our kiddos...and birthday MONTH it has been. Their official days are the 11th and the 21st, but we had a family birthday party for G on the 10th, a friend party on the 11th, celebrated Z's bday with hubby's parents and grandparents on the 16th, as a family on the 21st, and with my family on Easter weekend! Yes, 5 birthday parties for two kids born 10 days apart...three cakes, two dozen year we are going for one big party!

G had a baseball theme, and Z's was a glamorous purple and zebra print, inspired by a bday outfit I had made for a friend's was just too cute not to copy for our own bday girl!

Now for some pictures...I am getting hungry just looking at these cakes (I shouldn't be...I have eaten more than my share of cake this month!)

Bat and ball made from rice krispie treats...thank you TLC for all of your cake decorating shows! Now THAT is educational television :)

Cupcakes for the "friend" party...I forgot to take a pic when there was a whole tray of them, so you get a lonely cupcake on a patch of edible grass.

Zebra on the inside...

...zebra on the outside. Of course, it had to have a purple tutu to match her skirt (see below!) and purple frosting between the layers.

And of course, are my kiddos EVER without a custom-designed, one-of-a-kind, special occasion sort of outfit? Of course MandiMoo Designs would be happy to customize one of these outfits for your special birthday munchkin!
"Birthday Boy" and "4" on the front in baseball font

Name and number on the back

Zebra print skirt with tulle ruffles, coordinating applique number on shirt with embroidered name, all embellished with crystals.