Thursday, February 9, 2012

Painted shoes

Painted Toms have been the rage on and other craft sites for awhile now. I had been wanting to try my hand at it, but just couldn't make the leap.

However, I had a plain, white pair of canvas kicks for little Z that she is just growing into. The white was a little boring, and I knew after one trip to the park they would no longer be white, so thought I would try my hand at painting!

SUPER EASY! Wish I had more pairs to keep on going! I will say that I did have to do a couple of coats of the base layer (There were some marks that needed covered on the shoes) and now they are a bit stiff, so I would recommend leaving the background the same color as the shoes. Live and learn, I guess! I just used acrylic paints and then a sealant over the top...sealant may have contributed to stiffness! Also made it very shiny...would recommend a matte finish next time.

We shall see! Probably won't wear any better than the plain white would have...the paint may all come off the first time she wears them outside (I have to find some black laces before she can) Oh, just had an idea! Will probably use black grosgrain ribbon! Anyway, will try to remember to report back on wear and tear.

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