Monday, October 5, 2009

Diaper bag--style meets versatility!

Wear it as a shoulder bag...
...wear it as a backpack...
...throw it over your stroller handles...
...all with the ease of functional, stylish, simple clasps...

...add a coordinating diaper clutch and changing pad...

...and you've got one great diaper bag!
The newest style in the MandiMoo ecouture line, this boxy backpack is functional, versatile, stylish...a "gotta-have" on any new (or seasoned!) mom's list! Order early for Christmas! And of course, LINED with pockets and elastic bottle loops!
As one recent customer, Meg S., commented, "Ok, the diaper bag rocks. It's easy to carry and I haven't even switched out the strap to the if I could just remember where I put stuff with the multitude of pockets we will be in business. I think I find a new pocket everyday!"
Just to give you an idea, this bag features 2 outer pockets under the flap, and one outer pocket on each side, all great for keys, cell phone, wallet, and other items that need to be in easy reach. Inside, you will find 2 bottle loops on each side, and no less than 6 pockets on the inside front and 4 on the inside back! That is a total of 14 pockets and 4 bottle loops!
That is MY kind of diaper bag!

Receiving blanket/onesie combo

MandiMoo receiving blankets are the perfect size at approximately 45" x 36". Large enough for swaddling your newborn, small enough for baby to carry around, and still plenty of room to throw over a napping two and 1/2 year-old little guy!
Receiving blankets can be either single or double. Singles are typically one piece of flannel with a finished edge. Doubles are two layers of fabric--either two layers of flannel back to back or one flannel and one cotton layer, back to back with a cute coordinating rick-rack edge.
The coordinating onesies shown here are appliqued or reverse appliqued (the first close-up is reverse appliqued--the fish print is sewn to the inside of the onesie and then the onesie is cut so you can see the fish print).
All appliques have an iron-on interfacing inside to prevent the stitching from scratching or rubbing baby's delicate skin!
As always, I can find fabric to suit just about any taste!