Monday, October 5, 2009

Receiving blanket/onesie combo

MandiMoo receiving blankets are the perfect size at approximately 45" x 36". Large enough for swaddling your newborn, small enough for baby to carry around, and still plenty of room to throw over a napping two and 1/2 year-old little guy!
Receiving blankets can be either single or double. Singles are typically one piece of flannel with a finished edge. Doubles are two layers of fabric--either two layers of flannel back to back or one flannel and one cotton layer, back to back with a cute coordinating rick-rack edge.
The coordinating onesies shown here are appliqued or reverse appliqued (the first close-up is reverse appliqued--the fish print is sewn to the inside of the onesie and then the onesie is cut so you can see the fish print).
All appliques have an iron-on interfacing inside to prevent the stitching from scratching or rubbing baby's delicate skin!
As always, I can find fabric to suit just about any taste!

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