Monday, July 25, 2011

New crib set!

Lots has been going on here. I have been sewing my little heart out for a PURSE PARTY for one of my college roommates when we head to Branson this week. I haven't seen her for almost 3 years, and am so excited to see her, meet her little HG, and show off some of the fab new bags I have been working on! PICTURES TO FOLLOW SOON

In the meantime, here are some pictures of a crib set I made for a long-time friend (and oddly enough, my roommate along with the aforementioned purse party hostess). Enjoy!

Okay, I apologize...not sure how to turn those pictures right side up! aaaggghhh! You get the idea...bumpers and skirt, several pillows complete with beaded trim, personalized quilt, and sheers with beaded trim valance. Thanks, M, for letting me make this for your sweet little girl!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Ahhh, the memories... is the week of the county fair, and everyone is on edge. Sewing projects aren't finished, the cooking projects haven't been decided on, the steers need to get adjusted to the show halters...

The Riley County Fair starts this week. And why, you may ask, does MandiMoo care about that?

Because I have been TEACHING SEWING LESSONS! Yes, for the past six weeks, I have had the pleasure of spending 1.5 hours each week with two lovely young ladies who are learning to sew. We started with reusable snack bags, made beach towel totes, and today finished pajama pants--just in time to be entered into the county fair this Thursday!

And I am a nervous wreck. All of those feelings of preparing for the county fair came flooding back as I was helping them prep for talking with the judge. I hope the best for these two sweet, eager, inquisitive, fun girls!

Thanks, A & M, for letting me help you with your first fair sewing projects. Good luck on Thursday!