Monday, February 20, 2012

To infinity...and beyond!

Couldn't resist! Happy Birthday yesterday to my mom. She was here last weekend and we went shopping (briefly) and she (casually) mentioned she needed a new scarf and that my aunt and cousins had made the infinity scarves. I figured it couldn't be too hard and decided to make a couple for her.

This first is my favorite, and was kind of a last minute decision. Made of knit, it is the warmest and I think definitely the cutest! With the glass beads in the middle of the flowers, it could be either dressed up or down depending on the outfit she puts with it.

This next one is made of a heavier fabric. I love the print...blacks, greys, browns...very versatile.

This last one is made of a sheer chiffon, black and white (imagine that!) and will be good as the weather warms up more this spring, too.

I have an extra of each of these scarves available for purchase. $20 for the white knit with flowers, $12 for each of the other two.

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