Thursday, February 23, 2012

Picture perfect

I made several camera accessories for the holidays, and didn't get pictures of any but the camera bag, and since I gave them all away, I didn't know what I was going to do! (Heaven forbid I make another! ha!)

So I was excited when I got an order for more camera accessories...this time a strap cover, lens cap holder, and lens cozies. (I also have the webbing and slides to make a replacement strap cover). I love the way these turned out, and they have lots of possibilities! Monogrammed cozies, lots of different fabric and ribbon combos, etc.

Another thing that is picture perfect? Soon, this blog! These camera accessories were actually made for a trade with another small business that, among other things, designs blogs. I think they focus more on the party goodies, melamine plates, etc. now, but I was able to talk them into trading for a blog design. Plus, they are friends of friends, both K-Staters--so you know they are good! Check them out on Etsy at RV Parties. So check back soon for a new look at MandiMoo Designs.

**That long skinny box propped up in the background with the picture in the mannequin? NEW FABRIC! Just arrived today. A few pieces for custom orders, and then some laminated cotton...yes, I am going to make a raincoat! Jumping on the fashion bandwagon this spring, as rainwear seems to be the thing to have. Hopefully in about 2 weeks I will be featuring it here!**

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