Monday, January 30, 2012

A quilt made with LOTS of love

A very dear friend recently welcomed her first niece to the world. As a shower gift to her sister, this very dear friend had me make this small quilt for the newest miracle in this family of wonderful women.

My friend and her sisters lost their mother when they were young. The fabric used in this quilt was from their mother's stash, the same fabric that she used to make a quilt for my friend and a doll quilt for the youngest sister. This baby quilt was made for the middle sister, who now had her own replica of the two other quilts made by her mother. Though it is no match for a quilt made by the maternal grandmother! I did shed tears over this quilt, especially when my friend texted me the words she wanted embroidered on the back:

"A mother's love is forever."

yep, there go the tears again.
Thank you for the honor of trusting me with such a special, special project.