Thursday, January 12, 2012

Feeling so honored

This was perhaps the best compliment I have received in my sewing "career".

A mom emailed me a few weeks before Christmas. She wanted to order a bag for her daughter.

Her daughter is in 4th grade.

This young girl stopped by our booth at Pumpkin Patch. (Keep in mind that was September 23/24). She loved our stuff and wanted to buy something. She picked up a business card.

Three months later, she was still holding onto that business card in the hopes that someday she would be able to buy a MandiMoo bag.

Mom bought her this MandiMoo bag to use as a school bag. What an awesome mom! And I am so excited for this little girl. And so honored that she thought so much of the things I create to hold onto that card for three months. Wow! So fun to be a part of this!

(sorry this pic doesn't do the bag much is super cute pink and brown...perfect for a 4th grade school bag!)

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