Monday, March 4, 2013

Happy birthday, Dr. Seuss!

As you may have realized from our Seuss-inspired play room and our Cat in the Hat themed bake sale treats, we have a deep love for the master of imagination and his literary works. I hope to someday own the entire collection. Until then, thank you Dr. Seuss for the inspiration in so many ways!
We celebrated the day with brinner (breakfast at dinner) of Seuss type biscuits ( a Cat, a sock, a truffula tree, a fish and a foot...see the corresponding books minus the Lorax reference). "Ham" which was really a sausage at the request of the kids, and of course green scrambled eggs! We drank milk in cat in the hat cups (clear cups and red electrical tape) and had barbaloot fruit salad. We read Dr. Seuss books throughout the day-a favorite is "Oh Say Can You Say" a book of tongue twisters sure to get us laughing!
Thank you, Dr. Seuss for your literary contributions to the world!

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