Monday, March 11, 2013

Auction items to Pennsylvania!

My mom was here at the end of the end of the week last week, so was enjoying her company instead of blogging! So here are the items that were sent to Pennsylvania for the NPO auction.

The wire framed tote is amazing. It can hold pretty much anything you need it to! I use ours for the pool and groceries. I can fit in 2 life jackets, 3 towels, dry change of clothes for 3, water bottles, snacks, and an outer pocket for keys and cell phone. The best part is this one is laminated cotton on the outside, so pretty waterproof, and the ecouture lining on the inside makes it also waterproof, so you will be safe from splashes! My mom uses her tote like this to contain all of her other bags that she travels with. I find the structure of it great for holding books and binders, boxes of snacks, activities for kiddos in the car...the list goes on!

The sand toy bag is a lifesaver in my book. Take it to the park or beach, have fun in the sand, put toys back in bag, shake out all of the sand, and you have one happy mama with a sand free car (or at least the toys won't be to blame. Please don't try this with your children, husband, or dog).

Funny thing, I had a local woman call late last week for a last minute baby shower...the gifts will also be going to another mom in Louisiana. It really is national week around here!

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