Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Can't wait for April showers...

Rain gear.

You seldom need rain gear in Kansas.

And when it is raining, it is usually accompanied by such high winds that the rain comes in sideways, rendering umbrellas and other rain gear useless.

However, rain gear is totally hot right now! Just look at any store, and see the rain boots and coats.

So I jumped on the bandwagon. I ordered some lovely laminated cotton from my fave website Pretty wild fabric, but I figure I need to brighten up a dark rainy day!

Found a pattern for a lined coat. I hope to use this again next fall to make a luscious wool coat for myself. And bought a similar pattern for baby girl...hope to make her a coordinating coat. Won't we be cute?! ha!

Very happy with the results! Now just to wait for the rain to come...

Sleeve tabs and patch pockets

This "project runway" pattern allowed me to personalize the sleeves, collar, front, and length of the coat.

I added a hood...pattern didn't allow for one, but with two kiddos I can't manage an umbrella so decided a hood would be best.

Wouldn't this coat look lovely with these boots? I am on the lookout...

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