Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dragon cake

Another cake for the cake walk.

I obviously am on a Dr. Seuss kick right now. So when I asked Little Man what kind of cake he wanted for the cake walk, and he responded "dragon", I was a little disappointed.

And I made a Cat in the Hat cake.

Then I felt guilty. So with the leftover 9" round cake I had from the cupcakes I made, I decided to make a quick dragon.

First, I cut off the "sides" (I know, a circle doesn't have sides, but didn't know the right term!) off of 3 sides. I left the front round for the nose/mouth area.

Then I cut the tips off the two cut off sides and place them on the nose for the dragon nostrils.

Added 2 cupcakes for the eyes.

Frosted the whole thing green, minus the whites of the eyes. I typically like the Wilton Buttercream Icing, but was in a hurry and used storebought. Then made the eyes white.

After I made the eyes white, I lined the eyelids and the top and inner edges of the nostrils with a bead of icing to make it stand out more. Added a few spikes at the top of the head for fun.

I love being able to utilize candy or whatever I have on hand for decorating. For this cake, I used Tootsie Roll midgees and put them, unwrapped, in the microwave for 10-15 seconds, then rolled them and smooshed them to make the pupil of the eyes.

Grab some cherry orange wildfire fruit roll ups, cut into flame shapes, and place under the mouth. Kind of ripple for 3-D effect. I actually used two layers of fruit roll ups here. *Sidenote: I don't like that all of the fruit roll ups have tatoos or a design on them! Just make it plain!*

Not sure if this is what Little Man had in mind, but he was really excited when he saw it! Though he chose a different cake when he won the cake walk...hmmmm. Oh well, mommy guilt was gone!


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