Friday, August 26, 2011

He's a GEM

He is a gem, but he is also a GEM...those are my father-in-law's initials. Check out a few projects I have done for this man this summer.
He was scheduled to have shoulder replacement surgery this past Monday...good news is they didn't have to do the replacement when they got in there, just a more minor procedure.
Leading up to the surgery, he needed a few things for the hospital and his new recliner, which will be where he has to sleep for several weeks.
First, a new robe

Then, a throw to use in his new chair...a surprise from the grandkids (and kids and in-laws)!

Each of us made a personalized square, then I matched some fabric that kind of goes with the personality, profession, latest obsession, or nickname of the person. Put it together in a quilt, and SHABAM! You have a beautiful, personal, memorable gift. So glad you are all fixed up, GEM!

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