Monday, August 22, 2011

Busy, busy, busy


is what a craft-room-and-office-used-for-small-biz space should look like!


is why I haven't been blogging lately.


makes me happy every time I look over.

Yes, this is my "new" craft room. Organized. Clean. Everything has a spot. I can function here. I am energized here. I am inspired here. Most importantly, I am productive here!
Things to note:
The corner wall cabinet placed in the corner of my work surface. A place to stash all of those things that previously were all over the counter, behind the sewing machine in the way, etc.
The new, custom-designed closet. With room to grow and a work space! I can take photos of inventory here, fill out order forms, FIND THINGS! Who knew! Previously, my storage was a mish-mash of what we had on hand and what I could make work. Now it is exactly as I want it, with each basket holding a different type of craft or project. Still have some things I want to do to label the exterior of the crates, but that will be a winter project.
The fabric cabinet...a gun cabinet made for my grandfather, used as fabric storage by my grandmother (whose stash outgrew it, so I may need to upgrade someday!), then the base was used as our TV stand, and right before I was going to post it on craiglist...Ah-ha!!! The light bulb went on, and now I can be inspired by looking over to see what fabrics I have available without digging through a pile! I am stretching myself by having to fold and put away each piece when I use it, but the organization is well worth it!

More to come, but wanted you to know why I have been MIA for many weeks.

May your week be as fresh and inspiring!

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