Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I love a challenge!

Yes, these are cowgirl boots. Yes, they are bright, hot pink cowgirl boots in size 0-3 months. And yes, hopefully soon my new niece "Doris" will be sporting these kicks with her super cute tutu that I made to go with them! Nothing says farm girl like tutus and pink boots!

I will post a picture of the new princess as soon as she arrives and as soon as I can get her dressed in her new gear!

So the purpose of this post is that I L-O-V-E a challenge. Whether it is designing a pattern for a pair of pink cowgirl boots that I will probably use only once (maybe twice...the girl will need some in 3-6 month size, too!) or finding the perfect fabric, or creating the diaper bag a new style of diaper bag (pictures to come soon!), I love new ideas! So if you have a unique project that you have been thinking about but not sure how to proceed, let me know! I love to try new projects, especially when they can be custom, one-of-a-kind treasures.

Disclaimer: Unique projects must be of an arts/crafts/sewing nature, and I make no guarantees that I will be able to make your specific project. I would like the opportunity to think about it, though, and will do my best to make it work. If I can't, I will let you know!

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