Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Discounts for plastic bags

First, a picture of the MandiMoo I currently carry. This was my first attempt at the Victoria bag, and have made some changes since (adding hardware, for one!) This purse was made from leftover material from some blackout curtains I made for a customer on the East Coast.
Now on to business!
Second only to "how much does a MandiMoo Design cost?" is the question about receiving a discount for supplying the bullseye bags that work so well for the lining (please note that I only use these bags because the meltability is SO much better than other bags...I am in no way using the bullseye design or that store as a way to sell my items).

*When you supply enough bags for me to make a diaper bag (25!), you will receive a 15% discount on your next purchase. Only one discount per item. The best way to redeem your discount is to supply the bags when placing an order. They stuff nicely into a manila envelope and mail for just a small amount of change. Write a note with your name, address, and a reminder of the item you are ordering so that I can give you the appropriate discount. I will also give a 1% discount for every 2 bags that you provide, up to 10% (after that, you may as well just wait for 5 more to get the 15% discount).

Of course, I also take free will "donations" of your plastic bullseye bags!

*Policy subject to change based on how easy it is for you, and me, to keep track of! Stay tuned...

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