Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Moomy wraps

MandiMoo got started with the original moomy wrap, such as this one I made for a baby gift for a customer in Texas (thanks, Julie! Leslie, I hope you enjoy it.)

What is a moomy wrap?

A traditional baby wrap (six yards of fabric that you tie around you in different configurations to carry a baby) with the exclusive moomy wrap pocket, which you can see on the right. This exclusive pocket allows you to contain those six yards of fabric (the last thing you need while carrying baby, diaper bag, keys, and groceries is to trip on six yards of fabric!) when you aren't using the wrap.

And when you are using the wrap? Use it to carry your keys, phone, and wallet for a quick jaunt into the store or at the park.

Moomy wraps are made of cotton knit, usually in black or brown (though I can accomodate most other color requests). I also have available organic, cotton/bamboo blends, and recycled fabric. The pocket can be made in a variety of colors and styles--I have done contemporary, classic, even retro cowboy!

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