Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Multipurpose pouches

Hello! Finally back from the blur the last two months with a newborn have been! Making time to get to my sewing room--or more accurately, my mom's sewing room--to work on some projects!

These pouches are sized for an e-reader, but would be great for cosmetics, personal items, etc. the front embroidery design coordinates with the interior lining. These are quilted on the front, padded, and have a zipper opening.  

These specific pouches are going into gift bags for state officers coming to town for a philanthropic educational organization, but wouldn't they be great for bridesmaids gifts?

I worked with my mom on these.  It was fun to have two machines going (these are made entirely in an embroidery hoop--short version, I lay fabric down and push a button) and spending time with Mom and between feedings, diaper changes, settling arguments, fixing and cleaning up after meals, naps, laundry, etc.! We always love our time at the farm!

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