Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bags for bio-feedback

Two of my customers work in the area of bio-feeback therapy--I am not sure my terminology is correct, but you get the general idea. Basically it requires a laptop, a netbook, a meter box, and lots and lots of cords, both for the computer equipment and for hooking up everything to their clients. So they asked for very specific items, of very specific sizes in order to fit in the rolling bag that lugs around their 40+ pounds of equipment--and of course MandiMoo Designs was happy to oblige! I love a new challenge and custom orders! The first is a laptop bag with a pocket on the front to house a $500 thumb drive. Definitely not something you want to misplace!
Next a coordinating netbook pouch
And finally, what I have dubbed a "cord card". A way to organize all of those cords in one place, complete with velcro loops to strap them in securely and keep them from tangling.

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