Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day (a bit late!)

I apparently love holidays. I didn't know how much until I had children...now they get a special homemade shirt for every "holiday"...even those that seem created--or at least hyped up--by the greeting card industry!

We did at least read a story about Saint Patrick, which lead to other stories about saints, on the day-o-green. We also wore green (accompanied by powercat pins to support our beloved Wildcats on their first game in the NCAA tourney), ate green shamrock biscuits and corned beef and cabbage, and finished off with a green bath!

Kids, someday you will make fun of me for making you matching holiday shirts, but for now, you love it! G even asked me to make a shirt for Simba (yes, the stuffed lion cub from lion king that he carries EVERYWHERE) and wanted to wear the long-sleeved shamrock shirt even though it was 80 degrees and he was so hot!

And now to the pictures...

Shirt, pin, and leggins all courtesy of MandiMoo Designs. All available for order (other than the pin...licensed and all, so can only do those fun things for myself...for now!)

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